Why us?

What we do

We are the master of all leather trades, and jack of none. For 17 years now, we’ve been going strong with unravelling our creative mastermind in our all-rounding prowess for shoes, goods, garments, wallets and other leather accessories as finished leather.

Where we stand

Sincere hard work goes a long way. Ours went long enough to land us overseas as exporters of finished leather significantly across the American, European and Asian continent, importers of raw materials, wet-blues and flag-bearers of international acclaim. We are Jahan Leather Exports, the forerunner of premium leather for the domestic and international market.

What to expect

As austere leather creators to sophisticated finished leather manufacturers, we wear many hats. Our clientele recognizes us for the niche quality of finished leathers we craft, the ability to remain as trendsetters in the leather world with ever so fascinating developments in textures and patterns and above all our promise to deliver with no delay.

We have 5C’s of goodness to engulf yourself in.

Cost-efficiency and quality are two things that can’t be found in the same sentence. Jahan Leather Exports is all about bringing to life this beautiful paradox. We promise on not compromising quality for the price.

We believe in crystal-clear transparency, cost-efficiency, embodiment of quality & fashion in every single leather we make. To work with us would allow you to have all your needs answered at a single door.
Instead of staying on trend, JLE takes pride in being the trend-setter. We preferred the road not taken because that’s where uniqueness lies hidden. That road has now come into being the intersection of all things leather. We take the show to the road with the latest fashion articles out there. Anything you can think of, you would find it here.
Everyone talks about painting the city green, going paperless, saying no to plastics. But no one talks about this. What’s a sturdy, durable, environment-friendly alternative but also helps you stay on top of the fashion game? Leather. JLE convenes everything between green and supreme.
We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and give shape to their ideas, both quite literally. The world’s been led to focus on Caveat Venditor (let the sellers beware of buyers); contrarily, we believe being aware of our buyers’ requirements eliminates the need for the former and that makes us client centric.
The myth of leather being labelled as a material of animal cruelty remains popular however as true leather talisman we ensure that our source of raw material is rather a by- product of the meat industry that is put to better use by creating world class leathers. We maintain strict compliance with our raw material suppliers to ensure no animal cruelty has been encountered for the acquisition of animal skins or hides. By now, cruelty-free is what our leather would mean to you.

At Jahan leather Exports, we promise to incorporate every need of our clients into exquisitely finished leathers. Quintessentially with no compromise on quality.

To be with Jahan leather exports would mean to have luxury served at your doorstep.