Sui generis in the leather world

JAHAN LEATHER EXPORTS is a Partnership firm that was started in March 2004 as an SSI Unit by three young partners who have excelled in the manufacturing and selling of Finished Leather, Shoes, Shoe Uppers, Leather Goods & Garments in the Domestic and International market. To have effective control of all operations, each partner has defined his roles in the Sales, Purchase, and Administration Departments, thereby leading a team of an experienced workforce.

With its expertise in the art of leather making and virtuous craftsmanship, Jahan Leather Exports stands as a sui generis in the leather world of vibrant hues and viscous glues.

The company motors the production of top-notch quality products with a unique hint of unparalleled innovation and finesse. It has its roots in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Also, it has branched out at a global scale owing to its skilled workforce and knowledgeable technicians.

The entrepreneurial establishment is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified, and is an active member of the LEATHER WORKING GROUP. The system of production is entirely cohesive with environmental norms and sustainable production.