Care is an act, act like you care

The management at JLE strongly believes that adopting sustainable practices, whether large or small, can have significant positive impacts in the long run. In cohesion with our believes, the organization strives at ensuring environmental sustainability and social sustainability.

Environmental sustainability

The organization has taken all needful measures to ensure environmental conservation is maintained during the entire cycle of processing. The usage of water for processing is put into minimal amounts by engineering new technologies and installing modern equipment that cease wastage of water during tanning.

The hazardous waste management, wastewater management, solid waste treatment and disposal is handled with utmost care as it is linked with the central effluent treatment plant.

The finishing sector of the factory has benchmarking technologies adapted with it such as the Water scrubber in auto spray equipment to eliminate the possibility of environmental and health hazards that could be caused by regulated amounts of volatile organic compounds present in finishing chemicals.

Jahan Leather Exports is committed to prevent pollution by complying with environmental legislation and other requirements.


The concept of social sustainability brings into light the need for equal opportunities, non-discriminated treatment, and ability to support and provide economic growth possibilities. We at JLE have ticked on all the mentioned subjects by empowering members from the weaker sections of the society and ensuring every employee is treated equally and grows his or her potential with us.